Drake Vaughn

Horror Author

Drake Vaughn Bio:

Drake writes make-believe. When he's too exhausted to write, he forces Gus, who lives caged in his basement, to do it. Gus isn't as good and gets the whip often.

"I've never heard of that guy!"
-Stephen King

Gus Bio:

Drake met Gus when his car collided with Gus' truck on a narrow mountain road. The collision was clearly Drake's fault since he was intoxicated on a combination of whiskey, ayahuasca, and vaporized whoonga. He tied Gus up, threw him into his trunk, and drove off with his newest "independent contractor." They have been terrific friends ever since.

Gus likes loud music to cover the noise of his screams, frigid showers from the hose, and badminton.

Stephen King hasn't heard of Gus either. Let's keep it that way.